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Greetings!  Comment to bea added.  Howver, to add you back I have to have seen you posting in the places I frequent on LJ.



I may as well get it out, as this always is with me. My middle daughter was born on 9/11, 2001. Not only that, but was born 1/2 hour after the attacks, which we saw unfold as I was in labour. Long story ahead, but it's all good as to the birth looking back.

As an attorney, I'd been finishing up a brief on 9/10 the night before - I didn't get home from work until about 9:30 pm. I felt weird cramping, but chalked it up to Braxton-Hicks. After all, I'd been through this before and my daughter wasn't due for three more weeks.

That night, at about 3 am, I woke up and felt a huge kick. Immediately after, I felt a wetness, and my first thought was "oh man, I pissed myself!" I was mortified as my husband was next to me. I went to the bathroom and spent the next 45 minutes there - and couldn't stop the "flood" (I did warn for TMI!) I realized maybe it was my water that had been broken and started cursing in a "holy shit!" type of way, as that didn't happen with my first child. When I came back to bed, my husband said - can you be quiet? I told him, well - my water broke. I'll never forget his reaction - oh shit me. Heh.

By 5 am we were at the hospital. I remember the big story was whether Michael Jordan would return to the NBA - obviously later no one cared.

I went into active labor at about 9 am CST. We saw on TV the planes crash into the twin-towers. It was awful. So much so, that my first reaction upon seeing the second plane was "oh, what's the likelihood two idiots would accidentally crash?" I knew better, but didn't want to accept it. My daughter was born about 45 minutes after that. She was turned outwardly, the wrong way, so it hurt. All of the anesthesiologists had turned their pagers off, so no meds for me! I also had to demand my delivery doctor turn the TV off - Osama's face was right there as I was delivering until my husband shut it off. That's all humorous now, but then, it wasn't. My daughter was born, 19 inches and 6.75 lbs, and was beautiful. However, she also had respiratory issues, so I'll admit, my attention was on her and not the 9/11 events. While I felt bad after, I couldn't at the time.

She was fine and just celebrated 10 yrs today. She is in bed and I am watching the memorial and salute those who were at Ground Zero.
Just wondering - is the booj down or is no one bothering to post new entries?




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